PHMDC prioritizing rapid tests for returns to school, work amid low supply

A Public Health Madison & Dane County worker preps a dose of the COVID vaccine at the Alliant Energy Center mass vaccination site

MADISON, Wis. — Public health officials are asking Dane County residents to limit their use of rapid COVID-19 tests because of low supply.

Public Health Madison & Dane County said Monday that it will be prioritizing access to the rapid tests for people testing to return to school and work.

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“As far as rapid tests go, that is going to be limited just to people who need to be cleared to return to school, work, something like that,” PHMDC spokesperson Morgan Finke said. “If someone is looking for a rapid test for travel, for example, that is not going to be prioritized right now just because we are in such a low supply right now.”

It was not immediately clear why PHDMC’s supply was running low.

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Local testing information and a list of area locations is available on PHMDC’s website. The Wisconsin Department of Health also has resources available for anyone looking to get tested for COVID-19.