PHMDC opening more pediatric vaccine appointments

MADISON, Wis. – Public Health Madison and Dane County is giving children more opportunities to get vaccinated this week.

PHMDC is offering more appointments for children ages 5-11 to get the Pfizer vaccine at their clinic at the Alliant Energy Center.

Up until now, the clinic was providing about 200 booster doses per day. Starting Tuesday, the clinic has expanded its capacity to provide about 400 pediatric doses per day.

“We have been planning for this moment for months,” COVID-19 Vaccine Deputy Sarah Hughes said in a statement Tuesday. “First getting the Arena clinic off the ground to accommodate new approvals for booster doses and setting the stage for our 5-11-year-olds to be able to have the space they need to get vaccinated.”

While right now the daily total is 600 vaccines per day, it could eventually expand to as many as 1,000 per day, Hughes said.

Appointments for both booster vaccines and initial doses for children have filled up quickly.

“Our first two weeks of appointments really quickly got booked, and we’re hoping now that we’re adding these additional appointments on every day that opens up more availability for people, for families,” she said.

While there has been some apprehension and anxiety from kids about getting the shot, Hughes praised staff members for helping to make kids feel more comfortable.

“Our staff that we have on-site at the Alliant Energy Center did great,” she said. “I witnessed a few instances where a kid may have been having a harder time and we have the staff on hand that can take the extra time that child or that family needs. There’s no rush through the process.”

Currently, the clinic is expected to stay in operation for around six weeks.

“At that six-week mark, we can kind of look at the numbers again and how many people we’re seeing, how many families we’re still seeing and then kind of re-evaluate, can we scale down a bit? And go from there,” Hughes said.

Parents can schedule an appointment at or with a healthcare provider or local pharmacy.