PHMDC mobile vaccine clinic workers see traffic increase at pop-up locations

MARSHALL, Wis. – Members of Public Health Madison and Dane County’s mobile vaccine team said their pop-up clinics are experiencing more traffic than they had last summer.

On Saturday PHMDC hosted a clinic at Marshall Community Library to offer boosters, and initial series doses to all ages currently approved for a COVID-19 vaccine.

“There are still places in the county that have a lot of people, high population of folks that still need the vaccine,” said PHMDC Mobile Vaccine Clinic Lead Marie Luna.

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The clinic was a part of the group’s effort to meet people where they are, offering more convenience and access.

“We were expecting a much smaller group,” said Luna. “It has exceeded our expectations.”

Dad Scott Woldt attended the clinic to get his booster shot; he brought along his 7-year-old daughter Addie so she could get her first vaccine dose.

“I hate to say this but the doctor’s office seems like you wait there forever–for anything,” Woldt said. ”It seems like this might be more of a streamlined process here.”

Woldt is hoping getting boosted helps bring us one step closer to pre-pandemic normal, his daughter who said she got the shot just in case agrees.

“People who think they should get it, they should,” she said. “It doesn’t really hurt any.”

In addition to their set up at the Alliant Energy Center, Public Health will continue their pop-up clinics throughout Dane County.

More than 100 people were vaccinated at Marshall Community Library Saturday. The remaining pop-up clinics are currently scheduled through February.