Pheasants killed in vandalism replaced by DNR

100 birds died when vandals hit school sheds
Pheasants killed in vandalism replaced by DNR
Richland school district is looking into who killed 39 pheasants from their FFA program

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has donated 110 young pheasants to the Richland Center High School after vandalism lead to the death of pheasant chicks, according to a release.

In August the agriculture teacher at Richland Center High School discovered the pheasant-raising sheds had been broken into. Inside the two sheds he found 50 dead birds, another 50 had escaped the enclosure to nearby fields and 50 pheasants were found alive inside the sheds.

The pheasants are raised by students at the school throughout the summer and then released in the fall. The pheasant-raising program has been operated at the school for 16 years.

“We were more than happy to help out. These types of school programs provide a great experience for students and really do wonders for getting kids interested in the outdoors,” DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp said in the release.

The pheasants being donated by the DNR are from the State Game Farm in Poynette, according to the release. After students raise the young birds, they will release them on wildlife areas throughout Richland County.