Pfizer gets set to offer vaccines for younger children

WU Health's Dr. Jeff Pothof says the vaccine is safe

MADISON, Wis. — As Pfizer looks for approval of its vaccine for children ages 5-11. UW Health’s Dr. Jeff Pothof says the answers to many parents’ questions will come soon.

Dr. Pothof says that the vaccine could be approved by early November, and that the dosage would be about one-third smaller than the one adults receive.

Dr. Pothof says that parents shouldn’t be concerned by the fact that only 2,200 children have participated in the vaccine’s study

“We do have these very large trials looking at adults that are showing really good efficacy, really good safety,” Dr. Pothof said. “But given the amount of evidence that’s there already, a trial of 3,000 kids is pretty reasonable.”

Pothof says that if Pfizer gets this approval, there would be an early rush from parents who are comfortable giving their child the vaccine, followed by a slow in demand.”