Petri now leaning against military action in Syria

Rep. Petri of Wisconsin now leaning against military strike on Syria, says other options exist
Petri now leaning against military action in Syria

U.S. Rep. Tom Petri’s office says the congressman is now leaning against a military strike on Syria.

The Wisconsin Republican had been undecided on the issue.

Petri said in a statement released Tuesday that he doesn’t think the U.S. has exhausted all other options. He says if Syrian President Bashar Assad is willing to work with inspectors and hand over chemical weapons, that’s a good sign.

But Petri also says he believes in the saying “trust, but verify,” and he’s waiting to see if the Syrian government follows through on its promises.

U.S. Rep. Reid Ribble says he would vote against taking military action in Syria.
The Wisconsin Republican previously had been leaning away from military action.

He said in a statement Tuesday that after receiving more information, his position had become more firm and he would vote “no” on any authorization of military force if it were presented in the House of Representatives.

Rep. Tom Petri’s office said earlier Tuesday that he was now leaning away from a military strike. Petri also is from Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Sen. Tammy Baldwin says she opposes unilateral military action in Syria because “the use of chemical weapons is a global atrocity and it demands a global response.”

Baldwin spoke against a military strike Tuesday in a Senate floor speech.

The Democrat says she does not support getting the U.S. military in the middle of a brutal, years-long civil war. She says that won’t strengthen America’s national security.

President Barack Obama asked Congress to authorize a military strike on Syria after intelligence reports that the Assad’s government used chemical weapons against its own people.

Syria has since accepted a proposal from Russia, its most powerful ally, to give up its chemical weapons stockpile.