Pet survives fatal washout crash in Clark County

Malinowski was killed in crashes last week

The highway washout that killed three people in Clark County has a canine survivor.

When sheriff’s deputies began to remove one of the two vehicles that crashed into the 15-foot-deep washout on Highway M, they found the dog of one of the victims was alive. Dukie belonged to 24-year-old Mary Malinowski who was killed in the crashes last week, along with Thomas and Susan Jurceka, of Milwaukee.

One of the dog’s hind legs was shattered in the crash. Deputies took Dukie to Grassland Veterinary Services in Granton. The leg couldn’t be saved, so veterinarian Diana Care amputated it during surgery Monday. Care said dogs do great on three legs and hardly know the difference.

The Wausau Daily Herald said Malinowski’s sister, Agnes Butke, of Cadott, will care for Dukie.