Personified Chameleon

A poet is like a chameleon, ever changing. This poet takes a humorous look at herself and interactions with others in the world to come up with a poem called Personified Chameleon for the month of May. – Fabu

Personified Chameleon

My expression looks simple, blah, and plain

It only comes to life as it reflects others’ emotions

A living mirror of reactions; a barometer of other’s moods A personality in flux; dependent on independent tendencies

So if you’re up, then I’m happy If you’re giggling, I’m smiling too If you’re pensive, my face has a scowl If you’re passionate, my eyes are glaring like fire If you’re expounding, my head is nodding If you’re bitter, my lips are pressed If you’re secretive, I’m scrunched in to listen And if you’re silly, I’m slouched over with my teeth hanging

No initiation on my own you can see A reactionary mirror is what I’ve come to be

I rejoice when you rejoice; I’m sad when you’re sad

My own personality is left hanging in the wings Undefined and underdeveloped You’ll never know what I’m thinking & feeling & sensing because …

Without another’s being to reflect

My expression is simple, blah, and plain.

Audio productions provided courtesy of Haggar Audio.