Percent of new positive COVID-19 tests remains consistent as Wisconsin creeps closer to 30K cases

Coronavirus graphic

MADISON, Wis. — Wisconsin is creeping closer and closer to 30,000 confirmed cases of the coronavirus.

According to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, roughly 4.2% of the tests processed in the past 24 hours have come back positive. On Wednesday, 4.3% of new tests came back positive. For the majority of the week, the percent of new positive cases has remained relatively consistent.

According to numbers from state and county health departments, at least 29,796 people have tested positive for the coronavirus. If trends from this week continue, Wisconsin will have 30,000 confirmed cases by Friday.

However, of the thousands who have testes positive, nearly 80% of them, 23,537 people, have recovered from their infections. There are currently 5,414 active cases throughout the state.

At least 794 people have died from complications due to the disease. That’s five more since Wednesday.

Dane County also surpassed 2,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 on Thursday. The county has recently seen major spikes of new confirmed cases. Roughly 20% of all confirmed cases have been from the past two weeks. Roughly 30% of all patients with confirmed cases in Dane County, about 614 people, tested positive between June 13 and 26.

To combat the increased spread of the virus, Dane County implemented a new order that limits restaurants and bars to outdoor seating only. The order went into effect Thursday morning.

As cases around the country continue to surge, in many cases due to businesses reopening, DHS is urging residents to stay home for the Fourth of July to help prevent further spread of the disease.