Peppermint provisions to keep you jolly into the new year

Local spots get crafty with candy canes.
Candy cane
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America’s unofficial flavor of the holidays — peppermint — comes in plenty of delicious forms.

Make the most of this holiday season by squeezing a few more seasonal snacks into your diet.

America’s unofficial flavor of the holidays — peppermint — comes in plenty of delicious forms, so you can take your pick between leftover candy canes, drinks, baked goods, and more right here in town.

With all the hubbub of ringing in the new year, hours and availability may vary. So be sure to call ahead or order online to keep your grumbling tummy in mint condition.

Lick up all things festive with this chocolate snowflake pop from Fromagination. A dark chocolate center is covered in white peppermint chocolate, then caked in crushed candy cane to create a trifecta of peppermint bark goodness. 12 S. Carroll St.,

Bassett Street Brunch Club
Brunch Club always has top-notch drinks to spice up your mid-to-late-afternoon festivities, and the holiday season is no different. Order yourself a mug of spiced chai tea steamed with milk, emboldened with chocolate from Gail Ambrosius Chocolatier and a hefty swig of peppermint for a little pick-me-up. 444 Johnson St.,

Infusion Chocolates
Zoom get-togethers driving you nuts this month? Dig into this bag of roasted almonds, drenched in a peppermint-ified white chocolate shell. 2503 Monroe St.,

Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream Co.
For a minty fresh mouthful, Peppermint Stick ice cream takes the cone with its double-whammy hit of candy cane and peppermint candies. Pro tip: Get your scoop (or few) stacked atop a chocolate-dipped waffle cone. Various locations,

Yola’s Cafe
This year, Yola’s Cafe debuted its peppermint chocolate brownies to accompany the slew of baked goods typically available at the coffee shop. Want something even more decadent? Try out a mini chocolate peppermint Bundt cake, with the perfect balance between moist cake and crunchy candy cane. 494 Commerce Drive,

Craig’s Cake Shop
This December, Craig’s Cake Shop chose Peppermint Chill as its flavor of the month. The chocolate cake is filled with mousse, then balanced with Andes mints and a thick layer of fudge before a final frost of mousse and white chocolate curls. 604 W. Verona Ave., Verona,

Indie Coffee
Peppermint-flavored coffee is acceptable year-round, but the candy cane latte from Indie Coffee is best sipped during the winter. Vanilla and mint flavors dominate the latte, and the final flourish is the crushed candy cane topping. If you love yourself, you’ll ask for a dollop of homemade whipped cream. 1225 Regent St.,

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