People with peanut allergy concerned about change in Kellogg’s ingredients

People with peanut allergy concerned about change in Kellogg’s ingredients

Ingredients in a group of popular Kellogg’s products are changing, and parents with kids who have food allergies are not happy about it.

Those who are allergic to peanuts will now have to double-check the labels of some Kellogg’s product that don’t look like they’d have peanut ingredients in them. The change comes with pushback from parents of children with food allergies.

“I double-check everything the minute I see that they changed the picture on the box. New and improved, for food allergy families, is not always improved for us.” mother Beth Ramos said.

Ramos and Sheree’ Godwin babysit children and have children of their own with peanut allergies. Hearing the news that Kellogg’s is adding peanut flour to a number of Austin and Keebler sandwich cheese crackers means they have one less option.

“It’s taking away some products that people could have in the past and also it’s adding to make you wonder other product that they sell. Will there be cross-contamination or are they run on the same line?” Godwin said.

The Keebler flavors that will have peanut flour include Keebler club and cheddar sandwich crackers, Keebler cheese and cheddar sandwich crackers, Keebler pepper jack sandwich crackers and the Keebler variety pack sandwich crackers.

The Austin crackers affected are Austin cheddar cheese cracker sandwiches, Austin grilled cheese cracker sandwiches, Austin pepper jack cracker sandwiches and the Austin variety pack cracker sandwiches.

Godwin, the president of the Food Allergy Association of Wisconsin, said the volunteer group is made up of 400 families who live with severe and life-threatening food allergies. An estimated 15 million people live with food allergies nationwide.

Dr. Reid Olson, an allergist at Dean Clinic who has a peanut allergy of himself, sees a lot of families with the same concerns.

“When you find it in an unexpected place like crackers, where you would never expect it to be found in, that’s the extra dimension of concern,” Olson said.

Kellogg’s issued a statement to parents saying “many of you who have children with food allergies told us that our sandwich crackers made without peanut products were some of the only products left that your family could purchase with confidence. I am sorry that we disappointed you,” Kellogg Company Vice President of Marketing AnneMarie Saurez-Davis said in the statement.

Nearly 25,000 supporters have signed an online petition started by, calling on Kellogg’s not to add the peanut flour.

The company says that any product including allergens will be clearly labeled.

In a statement issued to News 3, the company said “We know it’s not easy to find foods that people with peanut allergies can eat. Based on the conversations we’ve had with parents, our team is working to find ways to make more sandwich crackers without peanut ingredients. We are starting by making our Austin Grilled Cheese Sandwich Crackers without peanut products. They will be available in stores around the country starting in September,” said Kris Charles, a Kellogg Company spokesperson.