‘People are at risk’: Madison mayor says election should be pushed

Satya 2

MADISON, Wis.– Earlier in the day, local clerks were thanking Gov. Tony Evers for listening to their plea of pushing the election, expressing their frustration that the election could happen on Tuesday. Now, that is the case.

“So many people are at risk of either being disenfranchised or being exposed to COVID-19 if we hold an election tomorrow,” Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway said.

Rhodes-Conway said Evers’ order was acting in the best interest of public health.

“It will set us back. While our clerk’s office, along with many, many other city employees have done everything we possibly can to keep voters safe tomorrow, anytime you have people congregating, there is a risk and that’s the whole point of a safer at home order,” Rhodes-Conway said.

Now, Rhodes-Conway is concerned back and forth decisions could confuse voters.

“What we should have done weeks ago is said no, we are postponing the election or no, we are going to an all absentee ballot election, so that voters would have certainty, so that everyone would know what was going on, and we wouldn’t be in this 11th hour position,” Rhodes-Conway said.

The Wisconsin Election Commission told clerks earlier today to keep preparing for the election, despite the executive order.