Pediatric neuropsychologist breaks down signs of ADHD vs restlessness during virtual learning

MADISON, Wis. — Kids as young as two can be diagnosed with ADHD, but if parents have seen their child act differently, they may be wondering if it’s due to the change of environments, or if it’s something else. As SSM Health Pediatric Neuropsychologist Paige Mission explains, it boils down to the severity, and number of places, the abnormal behavior is seen.

“Children with ADHD are also being seen by parents with a lot of behavioral dysregulation, a lot of impulsivity, and that also transfers out into the community. So those difficulties are really being seen across settings, by multiple people, and that really is what separates out an energetic or rambunctious child from a child with ADHD,” said Mission.

To ease the situation, mission suggests setting up special work places for your children, with as little distraction as possible. this can be a desk facing a wall if needed, but she says to avoid the bedroom, where distractions are most common.

If concerned about their child showing ADHD behaviors, mission says parents should be with their primary care provider, or their child’s pediatrician.

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