PD offers home inspections for weapons

Beloit police offer inspections in effort to prevent gun violence
PD offers home inspections for weapons

Beloit police are offering home inspections for residents in an effort to curb gun violence.

The police department said officer inspections of personal property might turn up weapons property owners might not even know are there.

Beloit Police Chief Norm Jacobs said in a release that the best place to begin slowing the cycle of violence in the community is in the home. He said weapons are sometimes stolen and taken to other communities to commit crimes.

“At worst, these weapons are used in the fit of rage by family members to settle scores or by individuals who are experiencing a temporary mental crisis that turns tragic and permanent,” Jacobs said in the release.

Anyone who would like a police inspection can call 608-364-6801 to start the process. An officer will respond when available and verify consent to inspect the home.

“We do not expect a flood of phone calls asking the police to make home visits looking for hidden weapons in the citizens homes; however, we have to start somewhere,” Jacobs said.