PD: Extensive debris left from wreck in Madison area where speeding BMW driver struck hydrant, tree

PD: Extensive debris left from wreck in Madison area where speeding BMW driver struck hydrant, tree
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Madison police are asking drivers to avoid an area near Camp Randall Friday morning as they try to clean up a crash site.

Madison police said officers responded at about 2 a.m. to the 1500 block of Regent Street for a report of a crash with widespread debris.

A witness told police a blue BMW was driving at about 80 mph on Regent Street when it went airborne at the intersection with Monroe Street.

Police said the driver lost control and took out a fire hydrant. A piece of the hydrant flew through the air and smashed out a living room window in the 1600 block of Regent Street. Water began gushing from the broken hydrant, which was filling the intersection with water.

The car was still moving and took down a traffic signal at Regent Street and North Breese Terrace, sending the pole into the roadway, according to the report. The witness said the impact caused the car to spin out several times. The BMW then slammed into a tree.

As the BMW was breaking up, some parts of it hit and damaged a parked car. Another witness, a resident who had been in his home at the time, said the house shook as he heard a loud crash into the tree. The 20-year-old resident said he went outside to render aid. He said he saw one man standing near the passenger side of the heavily damaged car, and another in the driver’s seat. The good Samaritan said he pulled the driver out before flames enveloped the car’s engine.

The report said the witness told police the driver was unbalanced and falling down. He said something about not being able to “talk to cops” and ran off, according to the report. Officers were concerned he might be injured and they brought in a K-9 to track him, but he wasn’t found.

Police said it wasn’t clear if the other man — seen near the car — was a passenger, or where he went during the chaos of the moment. Police said once the driver is identified and located, he will face a slew of tentative charges.