PD: 14-year-old admits to sending threatening email to get out of class

Monroe police search house in connection with school threat
Monroe High School on Monday

A 14-year-old has admitted to sending an email that threatened the district in an effort to close school the next day, Monroe police said.

The threat was emailed to the district and was not specific to an exact date or time. The email went through the district’s email and was sent to multiple addresses Sunday night.

School was open Monday, but students were searched before they entered the school.

Monroe police said the 14-year-old confessed Wednesday morning.

The girl told police she used the email password of another female student to hide her identity when she sent the threatening email, according to a release. She said she sent the email so that school would be closed Monday because she didn’t want to attend a specific class.

The girl was released to her parents pending a decision on possible charges or punishment. The case will be referred to juvenile authorities and district administration.