Patriot tour returns to Beaver Dam after 110-day journey

The Nation of Patriots motorcycle tour returned to Beaver Dam after a 110-day journey across the continental United States, making over 115 stops along the way.

Nation Of Patriots is taking their final ride back to Beaver Dam this morning after a 110 day journey through the continental U.S. for veterans. #News3Now

— Gabriella Bachara (@GabbyBachara) September 7, 2019

The tour was initiated by Nation of Patriots founder Bill Scherer, and all funds raised along the way support disabled veterans.

“It struck a chord with me that I could sit in my comfy little job in my comfy little apartment having a good ol’ time while there are these men and women who are actually fighting overseas, dying and coming home just banged up and not able to pay their bills, and here I am, as an American, not doing anything about it,” Scherer said.

The tour has grown widely since it began in 2009.

“When we started 10 years ago, we started with a handful of riders that didn’t even know if it would make it state to state,” Brad Weber, a member of Nation of Patriots, said. “Now there is no question. We have over 100 regional commanders, and everyone has taken a full-blown effort into making sure this is successful and continues to grow each year.”

Weber said it is an opportunity for those who ride to serve those who serve our country and said veterans also participate in the ride.

“It brings tears to your eyes to see how much support we actually have,” Edmar Mayard, a veteran, said. “With the country in the predicament it is now, it’s a great honor just seeing civilians just come up and thank you for your service.”

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