Former restaurant owner held on $50,000 bond for alleged continued stalking of woman

MADISON, Wis. — The former co-owner of a Madison restaurant group is facing a new set of stalking and domestic abuse charges.

Patrick Sweeney, who previously co-owned several Madison restaurants including Lucille and Merchant before reportedly divesting his portion of the ownership group after being charged for domestic violence last year, is now facing 66 additional charges in Dane County related to stalking, intimidation, and bail jumping for breaking the conditions of his bond.

According to a criminal complaint filed in Dane County Court Thursday, most of the charges are for bail jumping after Sweeney allegedly broke no-contact orders with several e-mails and text messages.

The dozens of new charges are the latest in a string of domestic abuse and stalking charges involving Sweeney in the last year, all involving the same woman and her children.

He was previously charged in April 2021 for stalking and two counts of disorderly conduct after being accused of threatening and monitoring the woman after someone called the Village of Oregon Police Department to report an ongoing domestic issue. He was given a $500 signature bond in that case and was told not to have any contact with the woman or her children, and also ordered not to consume or possess drugs or alcohol.

FROM 2021: Madison restaurant owner charged with stalking, monitoring woman with GPS

In September 2021, he was charged with another misdemeanor count of disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor count of intimidating a victim, and a felony count of bail jumping. He was again given a $500 signature bond per case, and the court ordered GPS and remote breath monitoring along with another no-contact order.

He was charged again in December 2021 with a felony count of stalking and 28 additional felony counts of bail jumping after once again breaking the terms of his bond, and court records show he was once again given a $500 signature bond per case, again with conditions that he not contact the victim or her children and avoid using drugs and alcohol.

Sweeney’s repeated violations of the no-contact orders were noted in his most recent court appearance Thursday, with the court commissioner ordering a new cash bond of $50,000.

“Mr. Sweeney has continued to violate that (no-contact order), I think that just sends a chilling message to a victim,” the court commissioner said while making his decision.

Even if Sweeney can post the $50,000 bond, he will have to follow provisions not to have contact with the victim or her children, or be at her place of work. If he were to violate the terms of the bond again, he would be returned to jail.

In the most recent criminal complaint, the victim told police the constant contact was making her feel frustrated, stressed and fearful because she felt Sweeney “will never stop,” adding she felt he was in an unstable state of mind.

She also told police she does not know what Sweeney is capable of, saying while she does not think he would kill her and the person she was seeing, “5% (of her) is worried about that.”

Sweeney claims he is concerned about the children in the woman’s home and has been trying to figure out who another man in the home may be.

According to the criminal complaint, Sweeney spoke to police for 15 to 20 minutes uninterrupted even after saying he wanted them to talk to his lawyer, admitting he had placed a GPS unit on the woman’s car last April and that he listened to recordings made by an Amazon Alexa device in her home.

Sweeney allegedly told detectives he didn’t do anything wrong, but later said there may have been “some bail jumping.”

During his court appearance Thursday, Sweeney claimed family members were conspiring and colluding against him.

A preliminary hearing for the new charges is tentatively scheduled for February 9.