Partnership puts more Rock County deputies on patrol in Beloit

Rock County sheriff’s deputies will boost patrols in Beloit.

After eight homicides last year, the community was looking for ways to curb violent crime. Rock County Sheriff Bob Spoden said the Beloit PD and the sheriff’s office have a common goal.

“These people who live in Beloit, they pay taxes for county, they pay taxes for the city, and they should be able to have those resources available for them and used for them to keep their families safe,” Spoden said.

The Rock County Sheriff’s Office is adding two additional deputies to the minimum of three patrol cars within Beloit. The new patrols will target specific neighborhoods with the most crime.

Beloit police Capt. Dan Risse said the motivation behind the initiative was to improve community involvement.

“Law enforcement is not going to be the answer by ourself,” Risse said. “We need the community to step up and give us a hand and talk to us.”

Spoden said the increased law enforcement presence in the area should be a message to people coming to Beloit to commit crimes.

“We are going to be there for the foreseeable future,” Spoden said. “Stay out of Beloit because we are going to get you. We are going to use everything we can to take these dangerous people off the street.”

The partner patrol program began Friday. The departments will meet in 30 days to discuss the effectiveness of the program and the next steps.