Partnership announces Wisconsinized, adult version of ‘Candy Land’ called ‘Brandy Land’

Brandy Land Board
Courtesy: Drink Wisconsinbly

MILWAUKEE — A partnership is providing a Wisconsin twist to a classic board game.

Drink Wisconsinbly, 100 Mile Sauce, WI Drinks and Project Kinect are teaming up to create “Brandy Land: The Old Fashioned game.”

The game is modeled after Candy Land, but swaps out locations like the Peppermint Forest, Licorice Castle and the Molasses Swamp for visits to the “Sugar Cube Capital,” “Brandy Falls” and the “Swizzle Stick Forest” before a “Wisconsin Goodbye.”

The game’s creators say the game is for “all who love brandy, Old Fashioneds, and our great state of Wisconsin,” and includes several reminders of what makes Wisconsin so great — but warns you’ll want to look out for Hodags.

The game is selling for $50 and is available for pre-order through April 5th. The game will be delivered by mid-June.