Partnering to teach teachers is great innovation

Partnering to teach teachers is great innovation

Ensuring that Wisconsin is a state where every child thrives, one of the objectives of our editorial agenda for this year, will require innovation. And sometimes the most innovative ideas begin with simple collaboration.

Last week, One City Early Learning Centers, of Madison and Edgewood College’s School of Education, announced a new partnership to use One City’s community setting to provide hands-on training for Edgewood’s preschool teachers-in-training.

Like many early education providers, One City needs trained, high quality teachers. Like all schools of education, Edgewood’s students need experience.

It’s no surprise to us that One City Founder and CEO Kaleem Caire and Edgewood School of Education Dean Tim Slekar found each other.

Both are committed to the highest standards of teaching and learning and to the community we share. And now their respective institutions will benefit from working together on behalf of kids whose opportunity to thrive just got a real boost.