Partisan Primary Election Day: What’s on your ballot

Editorial: Preparing To Vote

MADISON, Wis. — It’s Election Day again in Wisconsin, and depending on where you live, you may have a number of choices to make if you’re heading to the polls today.

Tuesday’s partisan primary is the second major election since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, leading to thousands of people already filing their ballots ahead of time in absentee voting. If you haven’t voted already and plan to head to the polls, wearing a mask is highly encouraged, but the state elections commission clarified last week that they will not be required to vote. Poll workers will also have plenty of hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies on hand to make voting as safe as possible.

As for what’s on the ballot, one of the most-contested races is the Democratic primary for the 26th State Senate District to replace the retiring Fred Risser. Seven Democrats are hoping to replace the longest-serving state legislator in U.S. history. No Republicans filed to run, meaning the winner of the primary will likely take Risser’s seat.

Listed in order of how they’ll appear on the ballot, the candidates are Aisha Moe, Nada Elmikashfi, Amani Latimer Burris, Brian Benford, Kelda Roys, William Henry Davis III and John Imes. News 3 Now’s Amy Reid interviewed those candidates ahead of the election to see where they stand on the issues. You can watch all of those interviews here.

In another heavily-contested primary, seven Democrats are also vying to replace Chris Taylor as the state representative for Assembly District 76, representing Madison. Taylor retired and was appointed as a judge for the Dane County Circuit Court earlier this year. The Democrats hoping to advance to November’s ballot are Heather Driscoll, Dewey Bredeson, Tyrone Cratic Williams, Francesca Hong, Nick Vander Meulen, Marsha Rummel and Ali Maresh. There is one Republican also hoping to win the seat — Patrick Hull is running unopposed in this primary and will likely face the Democratic winner in November. You can see Amy Reid’s interviews with the candidates for that race here.

State Assembly Districts 48 and 78 in Madison (interviews with candidates in the 78th are here), and 80 in the Mount Horeb, Verona and Oregon area (interviews with candidates here) are also contested races on Tuesday’s ballot. There is also a primary in Senate District 14 in Sauk and Columbia counties to replace the retiring Luther olsen, and Senate District 16 in the Madison and Monona area to replace the retiring Mark Miller.

You can find everything that will appear on your ballot on the state’s My Vote website.