Participants in workforce training program for those with disabilities celebrate graduation

MADISON, Wis. — A wave of participants in a program aimed at helping young adults and youth with disabilities explore career options took part in a special graduation ceremony Friday afternoon.

Six graduates of the Project SEARCH program at UW Hospital and the William S. Middleton VA Hospital marked the completion of their nine months in the program on Friday. All six completed at least three rotations within the hospital, including doing jobs in departments like custodial services and the cafeteria.

Danielle Williams, the assistant deputy secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development, said the graduation is a significant milestone not just for the participants but for their families as well.

“This is just a wonderful opportunity to celebrate all of the work they have put into the program over the last nine months, recognize that, but it’s great for the families. Some of them may have thought that their child may not have ever been able to work independently out in the community, and now they’ve gone through this program and they’re ready,” she said.

Some of the graduates already have jobs lined up, while others are searching for the right opportunity.

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Young people interested in learning more about the program should reach out to their school, Williams said; employers looking to hire the graduates can contact DWD.