Parking ramp incident leads to 4th offense OWI arrest

Police: Man failed to get out of ramp
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A Madison man was arrested Wednesday morning on suspicion of fourth offense operating while intoxicated after police said he tried and failed to leave a parking ramp.

A security guard told police he found two men passed out inside a car in the State Street Campus Garage at 430 N. Frances St, at 1:40 a.m. The guard said he smelled alcohol, became concerned the driver would try to drive, and woke him up. He told police he offered to call a cab for the men and the driver agreed, but then attempted to leave the parking ramp.

The driver, Jorge S. Rojas, 26, was unable to figure out how to use a credit card to get out of the ramp and backed up and parked again, according to police.

Police responded and said they found numerous empty beer bottles in the car and cups that smelled of mixed drinks.

A breath test preformed on Rojas registered a 0.21 percent blood alcohol level, according to police.