Parking dispute sparks stabbing and fatal hit-and-run, NYPD says

Ridiculous 911 calls
Mary Strey of Granton, Wisc., got behind the wheel of her car in 2010 after consuming numerous brandy and Cokes at neighborhood bars, but soon realized she couldn't drive. So she called 911 on herself. "Somebody's really drunk driving down Granton Road," she reported. "Are you behind them?" the dispatcher asked. "No," the woman replied, "I am them."

One person died and seven were injured early Sunday in an incident that involved a stabbing and a fatal hit-and-run on a New York City sidewalk.

The incident is not being investigated as a terror attack, police said.

Officers initially responded to a 911 call after two people were stabbed in front of a lounge in Queens at around 4:30 a.m.

The stabbing appears to be the result of a dispute over parking, according to police.

The driver of a white Hyundai sedan got out of the vehicle, stabbed two individuals, then drove away from the scene, police said Sunday. The driver’s vehicle then allegedly hopped the curb half a block away, striking six people while the car was moving on the sidewalk.

One pedestrian struck by the car was pronounced dead at the scene. The other seven victims were hospitalized as of Sunday evening, with one listed in critical condition.

Assistant Police Chief David Barrere said in a statement Sunday that police had one suspect in custody for questioning and had recovered the vehicle.