Parisi OKs Collective Bargaining Referendum

Dane County Executive Joe Parisi has authorized a public advisory referendum on collective bargaining rights in Wisconsin to be on the April ballot.

The question will ask: “Should all Wisconsin workers have the right to seek safe working conditions and fair pay through collective bargaining?”

“And it’s important that our public employees have the ability to sit across the table with management to make sure that they’re getting a fair shake. And since we really weren’t given a chance to have input into that decision, this referendum will allow the people of Dane County to have a say,” Parisi said.

Parisi said there’s no cost because there’s already a spring ballot in Dane County.

Sauk and Rock counties recently voted down the idea of holding a similar referendum.

Republican Gov. Scott Walker is the target of a recall effort after stripping most public workers of nearly all their collective bargaining rights.