Parents react to Verona Area School District back-to-school plan

VERONA, Wis.– As July comes to an end, more area school districts are deciding how the school year will start.

Of those plans, Verona is one of the only districts to approve a plan where students are split between in-person and virtual. K-2nd graders will return for in-person half-days, while all other grades will be starting virtually.

Chanel Clark said the quick shift to virtual learning last spring didn’t work well for her seven-year-old son.

“It was a disaster,” Clark said. “My child was in first grade at the time. He’s also on the spectrum. So, sitting and having that kind of limited instruction didn’t work for him.”

Clark said she was relieved when the Verona School Board approved a plan that would send her soon-to-be second grader back into the classroom.

“It’s really complicated, but I’m glad my child will be able to get face-to-face support,” Clark said.

Clark said her son is currently enrolled in Verona’s in-person summer school.

“He’s actually the happiest I’ve seen him since March when school closed,” Clark said. “He really thrives on that routine, and he really needs is social-emotional needs supported.”

Clark said she thinks the summer school program is a good indicator of what the new routine will look like in the fall.

“They’re all using their airplane arms. Everybody is masked,” Clark said. “I think a half-day is a reasonable solution for what they’re trying to do.”

While Clark recognizes that one plan won’t work for everyone, she’s confident that kids will comprehend the new normal.

“I know if my son can adapt really well to this, typically developing children are going to thrive with being able to get some of that face-to-face instruction,” Clark said.

News 3 Now is tracking back to school plans as they’re decided.