Parents of triple-homicide suspect asked for help

Kuester accused of killing 3 in Lafayette County
Parents of triple-homicide suspect asked for help
Jaren M. Kuester

Parents of a murder suspect say they reached out to the Waukesha county executive to help intervene with their troubled son.

Jaren Kuester is accused of killing three people in Lafayette County last week. His parents said they tried to get him committed, while county officials where he lived in Waukesha said there was nothing they could do.

The Waukesha County Executive Dan Vrakas’ chief of staff said Kuester’s father called their office looking for help.

“In those situations, there’s really nothing the county executive can do,” said Shawn Lundie, Vrakas’ chief of staff. “We’re restricted by HIPPA laws and other legal matters.”

Kuester is accused of murdering Gary Thoreson, his wife Chloe and his brother Dean just more than a week ago. Days before the murders, Kuester allegedly threatened workers at an animal shelter after his dog was hit by a car.

“He told them that they were horrible people and they would pay for his dog,” said Lynn Olenik, HAWS Executive Director.

After that incident, Kuester’s parents urged the county to detain him because he was delusional and dangerous. Instead, Kuester passed a mental health exam and paid a fine. The Waukesha County health and human services director said he did not meet the state criteria allowing the county to hold someone against his wishes.

Parents of triple-homicide suspect asked for help

In a last ditch effort, Kuester’s family went to Vrakas, and his office believes the situation was handled properly.

“We are checking on the issues over at HHS now to ensure that everything went the way it was supposed to go,” said Lundie. “We believe it has.”

Kuester is scheduled to be back in court on Friday, and court documents should be released about what allegedly took place in the murders.