Parents of Metro Market shooting victim talk with News 3

Parents of Metro Market shooting victim talk with News 3

Caroline Nosal, 24, was shot and killed in the parking lot of Metro Market Feb. 2.
Christopher O’Kroley, 26, was charged in the fatal shooting. He was recently fired from the store and blamed Nosal for filing a harassment complaint against him, court documents said.

O’Kroley told police that after he was fired he bought a gun.

The criminal complaint said some co-workers got a text message from O’Kroley saying he had shot Nosal and was planning to kill himself.

Nosal’s former employer and coworkers are hoping to help her family by raising money to cover the cost of her funeral.

A week after their daughter’s death Jim and Jane Nosal are questioning why their daughter was shot so senselessly in the parking lot of her work.

“I’m wondering is there something that could’ve been done to prevent my daughter’s unfortunate death,” said Jim Nosal, Caroline’s dad.

As they search for that answer they turn to gun laws. Believing that a waiting period to buy one could’ve prevented the actions of suspect Christopher O’Kroley, who allegedly shot Caroline just a day after his purchase.

“What I worry about is are there conditions that make this not unusual anymore, is this going to be the norm?,” said Jim, as he questioned gun laws currently in place.

Both parents say they are determined to turn their grieving into action, by making sure no family has to lose their child so soon.

“God lends us kids they really don’t belong to you, they go through you and I think having her lent to us for 24 years, I wouldn’t trade that for anything,” Jane Nosal, Caroline’s mom said.