Parents juggle schedules to deal with school closures

With kids off, parents, caregivers scramble
Parents juggle schedules to deal with school closures


Monday’s widespread school closures means that many parents are facing child care issues to start the working week.

Parents like Emily Miller, who, despite Sunday’s single-digit temperatures, had her two sons – buried under layers almost too numerous to count – outside enjoying Madison’s winter weather.

While playing at Vilas Park, the Madison teacher admitted that she was surprised when she found out that the school district had cancelled classes because of Monday’s dangerously cold weather.

“I think it’s for good reason, they don’t want kids standing out on the bus stop that aren’t dressed properly,” said Miller. “We’re lucky, we’ve got all the winter fixings to keep us warm, so we can be out here.”

Miller’s sons, 5-year-old William and 8-year-old Ben, will stay home with her on Monday.

She says they’ll likely brave the cold at some point during the day.

“There’s no school, so I guess we’ll be back out here trying to burn off some steam,” said Miller. “Because, you know, it’s the end of the break, and they’re kind of going stir crazy. We’ll probably be back here.”

Many parents said they were happy to learn of the closures several days in advance.

Greg Nemet said he needed the extra days to make arrangements for his two daughters.

“Between my wife and me and daycare and baby sitters, we juggle and make it work,” said Nemet. “But it’s often a scramble, especially when it’s snow day, cold day, or ice day tomorrow.”

Whether it was hockey or ice skating, many families glided together across the ice on Sunday.

For some winter diehards like the Millers, staying indoors on Monday doesn’t sound like much fun.

“They’re excited even though they’ve had two weeks off,” said Miller. “Just another day of having fun sounds good to them. It’s been a good break and this is the perfect way to end it, at the rink.”

Despite a growing list of closures, not everyone is taking a snow day on Monday, as both the UW-Madison campus and Edgewood College have confirmed that they will remain open and operate as normal.