Pardeeville cheer squad raises $4K to be reinstated

Pardeeville cheer squad raises $4K to be reinstated

When Pardeeville’s cheerleaders learned that a tight school budget cut their team, they did what they do best — rallied the community for support.

In the course of just a month, members were able to raise more than $4,000 – enough to cover the cost of the team for another year.

“All these girls really came together,” cheerleader Akira Jacobson said. “I was really impressed with not only myself, but my teammates.”

The girls took their plan to Pardeeville’s school board Tuesday night, where they faced another hurdle.

School policy doesn’t clearly outline whether teams are allowed to fund themselves, and Superintendent Gus Knitt outlined his fear that ever-tightening budgets would force more organization cuts in the future.

“Where does that stop?” he said. “I have a school play where if this occurs, the school play will come back and say, ‘Why can’t we have two if we go out and raise money?'”

School board members raised similar concerns, noting that the community that’s seen several school referendums in past years would grow sick of being asked to fundraise even more.

Ultimately the board voted to reinstate the team for the 2015-16 school year, with a recommendation to look at fundraising policy when it comes to organizations paying their own way.

“It’s a big opportunity for us, and it’s a big opportunity for community to come together as a whole,” cheerleader Brittany Vosen said.

Pending hiring a new coach, the cheerleading squad could be back up and running by the final football game of the season and the entire basketball season.