Parade of Homes seeing impact of increased home sales

Interest in home building has increased significantly in the past year
Parade of Homes seeing impact of increased home sales

Home is where the heart is, whether you buy a developed house or build from scratch. Home builders say they saw a significant increase in home sales in the past year. That’s why they say events like Parade of Homes is so important for them to be able  to show what’s up and coming in the housing industry.

“Our goal is connect consumers with builders and remodelers who are trustworthy, so they know they are getting a good product,” said Amy Schroeder, executive director of the Madison Area Builders Association.

The event put on by the Madison Area Builders Association, allows 27 builders to showcase their homes in six new developments, while connecting with potential home buyers throughout Dane County.

“It’s nice to have something for people to touch and feel and walk around. It’s kind of like a new car,” said Tedric Hill, owner of Platinum Builders.

It’s the test-drive experience contractors say the housing market has been missing for the past several years.

“Six or seven years ago things really hit a wall.  In the last three years things have steadily increased, especially in the last year or so,” said owner of Hart DeNoble Builders, Inc, Jason DeNoble.

DeNoble said  he has seen the effects of the economy on the housing market first-hand.

It took him 5 1/2 years to sell 27 condos in the area, but since 2013 he has already sold 25. It’s the change in the market he said home buyers have been waiting for.

 “I think so many people have stayed put and they have been nervous about the economy. So now you have this influx of so many people have been waiting,” said DeNoble.

The Parade of Homes will last until June 29. The showcase highlights both homes that have been custom-built for customers and homes for sale.

The Madison Area Builders Association estimates around 25,000 to 30,000 people will visit the six subdivisions during the two-week event.