Packers readying for mini-camp this week

Coach to evaluate players
Packers readying for mini-camp this week

The Green Bay Packers are looking ahead to mini-camp starting on Tuesday, readying themselves for practices, drills and evaluations to get ready for the reason ahead.

Coach Mike McCarthy said he has many players doing the Aaron Rodgers drill, which has players taking the football in between and around theirs legs. He said it improves dexterity. Rodgers holds the record for most reps.

This year’s mini-camp has a different tone to it, with more competition and more evaluation by the coaching staff. McCarthy said the differences this week sets up training camp and the pre-season.

“I don’t think you can assess any position without pads,” he said. “I think this time of year is to evaluate movements, skills, and motor skills involved with the game of football. My biggest focus as head coach is to get the training environment correct and our whole schedule is set up to make sure these guys have every opportunity to get through every installation, schematically get ready, to come back for a very competitive training camp.”