Packers fan goes viral after shotgunning beer to celebrate end of chemo treatment

MADISON, Wis. — A Packers fan is celebrating his last course of cancer treatment in a very Wisconsin way.

22-year-old Tyler Blomdahl has been fighting Stage 2 Hogkins Lymphoma. He recently finished his 12th — and hopefully final — round of chemotherapy.

Blomdahl decided to celebrate by donning his Aaron Rodgers jersey, ringing a bell to signify his final round of chemo — then he shotgunned a beer.

Former NFL player and current podcaster Pat McAfee — who has Rodgers on as a guest every week — shared the video on Twitter, and since then, it’s picked up more than a million views.

Blomdahl spoke with News 3 Now This Morning about the celebration and how he planned it.

“We were sort of just joking around one night,” Blomdahl said of his celebration. “One of my friends was going to streak across the parking lot and we were going to slam a bunch of beers. I thought something out of the ordinary for sure, and you only get to do that once.”

Once he decided to shotgun a beer as part of the celebration, another difficult decision followed — what kind of beer was he going to use?

“I had to go with Busch Light,” Blomdahl said. “I’d been thinking about it for a couple weeks and had to go with a good one, so I went with the Busch Light.”