Packers CEO shifts position on preseason games

Packers hold annual stockholders meeting
Packers CEO shifts position on preseason games

Green Bay Packers president and CEO Mark Murphy has changed his position on the idea of an 18-game regular-season NFL schedule.

Speaking at the team’s annual stockholders meeting at Lambeau Field, Murphy said he thinks the league should have two preseason games and the current 16-game schedule. During the labor strife last year, he favored two preseason games and 18 regular-season games.

Murphy played eight seasons in the NFL as a safety for the Washington Redskins. He said the focus on player safety has contributed to his change in thinking.

About 12,500 people attended the annual stockholders meeting Tuesday at Lambeau Field, and another 20,000 watched in online.

Murphy said at Tuesday’s meeting that, financially, the Packers franchise is in a very good place. He talked about the special bond the shareholders have with the Packers organization.

“It’s not an investment in the sense of a normal investment — I mean, they don’t get dividends; they can’t re-sell it for a profit. But what it does, though, it gives them a special bond to the organization that you just don’t see from other organizations. Everybody talks about their great fans and how supportive they are, but with our fans it’s different, and I think the ownership is a key part of that,” Murphy said.