Ozanne says opponent for DA is starting campaign with lies

Ozanne says opponent for DA is starting campaign with lies

Dane County Assistant District Attorney Bob Jambois announced that he will challenge current District Attorney Ismael Ozanne for the county’s chief prosecutor spot, and wasted no time in attacking Ozanne.

“Our present district attorney doesn’t try cases, and he also isn’t there enough to organize or manage the office,” Jambois said. “I’ll show up for work every day.”

Jambois made the announcement in front of the City-County Building Wednesday morning.

The former Kenosha County DA is currently a felony crimes prosecutor in the Dane County office. He represented some Capitol protesters in their fight over the singalong, and has worked alongside Ozanne in the fight over Act 10 in 2011. Jambois represented Rep. Peter Barca in that case.

He’s criticizing Ozanne for his management and lack of involvement in jury trial cases.

“I like Ismael Ozanne. He’s just not a capable manager,” Jambois said. “One of the reasons is he’s so often not there, and he’s gone a lot. I would say in the past year I’ve seen him in the office maybe two or three days a week.”

Ozanne vehemently disputes that assertion, and said he’s proud of his accomplishments in office.

“When you start something with lies, it’s hard to go from there,” Ozanne said. “If you’re going to say I’m not at the office, say I do not work, I believe my record will prove itself.”

Ozanne said he’s only worked on a few trials, including the Act 10 challenge and a child abuse case, because he’s been building diversion courts, restorative justice initiatives and crime prevention programs in his office.

“If Bob wants to criticize me for my leadership of this office, Bob needs to be specific on the initiatives and reforms he wants to end, because he’s going to refuse to continue to lead on those issues,” Ozanne said.

Both candidates will be on the Aug. 9 partisan primary ballot. Both candidates are Democrats so only one will advance to the November general election.