Owner says Highway 26 bypass project jeopardizes his business

Milton Travel Center owner says he wasn't consulted on project

The new Highway 26 bypass in Rock County may be good for drivers but not everyone is happy with it.

Amin Shaikh, owner of the Milton Travel Center, said he wasn’t consulted on the Highway 26 bypass project, which he said puts his business and 60 employees in jeopardy.

Shaikh said the new construction will create a dead end in front of his gas station and convenience store, hurting his business.

Five years ago, Shaikh took out a small business loan of more than $1 million to add a McDonald’s and a car wash.

“My question to the (Department of Transportation) is how they expect me to survive with my $1.8 million loan. It’s very simple — I won’t be able to maintain and my demise is confirmed,” Shaikh said.

Shaikh has been in business for 10 years.

“You’re done. You’re dead-ended. I don’t know how in the world a $2.5 million business can be dead-ended. It boggles my mind,” Shaikh said.

WISC-TV’s calls to the DOT weren’t returned Tuesday.

The bypass project is expected to be completed in 2015.