Overture Center receives pair of $100K donations during annual match campaign

MADISON, Wis. — A pair of donors are giving a combined $200,000 to the Overture Center in support of the venue’s ongoing donation match campaign.

The venue announced the donations Monday and named Madison resident Deirdre Garton and J.H. Findorff & Son Inc. as the donors. Their contributions earned Garton and Findorff & Son the respective honorary titles of Local Legend and Corporate Champion.

The donations will be used to help support the venue’s performances and programs.

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“The reason I continue to go to exhibitions and arts performances at Overture Center is because I want to experience the feelings of wonder and awe, over and over again,” Garton said. “I’ve been very blessed in my life, and my family history is one of sharing, so I decided to give this gift to Overture to help make it possible for everybody to have arts experiences like I’ve had.”

Findorff President and CEO Jim Yehle said the company made the donation because of its longstanding connection with the Overture Center.

“Many of us at Findorff look at Overture with a legacy lens,” said Findorff President and CEO Jim Yehle. “As a long-time partner of the organization, Findorff has provided the expert craftsmanship necessary, supporting the arts and Overture’s overall mission. We know our continued partnership will help to ensure Overture Center for the Arts remains the vibrant space that Findorff constructed years ago.”

The Local Legends program grew from a trio of $100,000 donations in 2012 which came with a challenge for the community to match the group’s combined gift. In 2019, the corporate or foundation Local Legends were renamed Corporate Champions. The annual campaign has raised more than $10 million since its start.

The Overture Center’s match campaign runs through Dec. 31.