Over 100 students, staff contract COVID-19 at overnight summer school retreat in southeastern Wisconsin

Coronavirus graphic

More than 100 students and staff at an overnight summer school retreat in Wisconsin tested positive for COVID-19, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

From July 2 to Aug. 11, health officials said more than 75% of all students and staff at a faith-based educational retreat in southeastern Wisconsin tested positive. The CDC said the retreat included 152 high school-aged boys, counselors and staff members from 21 states, along with two foreign countries.

The report said it was possible the outbreak began when one student tested negative a week before the retreat but showed symptoms and tested positive after arriving.

The CDC said a total of 116 positive cases were confirmed or probable as a result of the outbreak. There was also at least one confirmed case in every dorm room and yurt.

While at the retreat, the CDC said students were not required to wear masks and could roam freely. However, classes were held outside and had social distancing.