Over $10 million in rent assistance is still unclaimed in Dane County – how to find out of you qualify

MADISON, Wis. — After getting more than 1,000 applicants in the first day of the Dane Core emergency rental assistance program, applications have drastically slowed down. According to those associated with the program, nearly $11 million of the initial $15 million are up for grabs as of Thursday.

 “The message really needs to be that there’s an enormous amount of funding available,” said Nancy Jensen, who sits on the board of the Apartment Association of South-Central Wisconsin. “Everyone should be aware it’s available, you might qualify for it, make the effort to try. We’ll see what we can do.”

To qualify for the money, you must be a Dane County resident, have a household income of roughly $44,000 or less, and owe back rent. The application, which can be found here, could cover the rent after the tenant and landlord complete it.

Jensen says she worries some might be behind on rent, but unaware of the program. She says with a federal moratorium period on rent slated to end at the end of the month, she’s hopeful those in Dane County would take advantage.

There is an enormous amount of funding available for unpaid rent in Dane County right now,” she said. “Before the courts open up again, if you have unpaid rent, go to the CORE website or call AASCW. We can send you the links, we’ll do the handouts. We’ll find people to help you. There’s an enormous amount of money available, so it’s just sinful if it’s not used.”

Jensen said unpaid rent hurts more than just the tenant, who’s credit score would suffer in the process.

If the tenant can’t pay the rent, the landlord doesn’t receive the rent, not only does the mortgage not get paid, but the income production for that property is down,” she said. “The taxation value is down. The community and the state have less property taxes. It’s one big circle that has to work together.”