Outside jury to be selected for Wand trial

Judge: Jury will be sequestered
Outside jury to be selected for Wand trial

A judge says the jury for the trial of Armin Wand will be selected outside Lafayette County and the Dane County media market.

Judge Thomas Vale made the decision in court this week after a defense motion citing media coverage of the case. Vale also decided to the jury should be sequestered.

Wand’s trial is scheduled for Feb. 25 through March 1.

Prosecutors allege Wand, and his brother Jeremy Wand, set Armin Wand’s Argyle home on fire Sept. 7 in an effort to kill Armin Wand’s family to collect on insurance money that didn’t exist.

Prosecutors said Jeremy Wand conspired with his brother on setting the fatal fire for the promise of $300.

Armin Wand’s three sons were killed in the fire. His pregnant wife managed to rescue their 2-year-old daughter but suffered serious injuries that killed her unborn child.
The two men will be tried separately.