Out-of-state donors keep giving Walker cash

Walker raises $5.8 million since April 24

Out-of-state donors are still pouring cash into Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign as next week’s historic recall election looms.

Walker’s latest campaign reports show he collected $5.9 million between April 24 and Wednesday. Almost two-thirds of that — $3.7 million — came from donors who listed an out-of-state address. Another $112,778 came from donors who didn’t list enough information to determine their address.

State election officials hadn’t released reports from Walker’s opponent, Democrat Tom Barrett, as of Wednesday morning. Barrett’s campaign says he’s raised $3.4 million over the last five weeks.

Democrats are trying to oust Walker and four other Republicans from office. The recall efforts were prompted largely by Walker’s contentious law stripping most public workers of nearly all their union rights.

The elections are set for Tuesday.