Our oatmeal-obsessed intern tracked down local options for the morning meal

You could fire up the boiling water and reach for the Quaker container … but why not splurge a little?

I’ll go against the grain and just say it: Oatmeal is a superior all-day, all-season food. Cold outside? Oatmeal. Busy morning? Oatmeal. Crunchy food not hitting the spot? Oatmeal. 

Customizable with milks, yogurts and toppings, oatmeal is not only versatile — it also can be a great source of fiber, vitamins and antioxidants. A bowl of oats can brighten your day from the inside out, keeping you toasty and energized from the controversial choice for “Breakfast of Champions.” Don’t believe me? Try one of these fancier bowls from brunch spots across town in the gallery above.

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