Our Lakes Are Our Future

Planning session seeks your input
Our Lakes Are Our Future


For as much attention as Dane County’s lakes and waterways have gotten lately it is still important to emphasize that the future of our region very much depends on the future of the Yahara Watershed. Whether it’s water quality or wildlife protection or simple aesthetics, our quality of life in the Greater Madison Region is very much tied to our most prominent natural resource…our watershed.

The Clean Lakes Alliance has made tremendous progress in the last five years or so. But this week is the official launch of a project that adds what we believe is the appropriate breadth and depth of the effort that will be required to restore our waters to the conditions needed to sustain their future. It’s called Yahara 2070 and it’s part of the UW’s Water Sustainability and Climate Project. Partners include the CLA, the city and county and the UW. It’s research based, but also creative in its visioning aspects for what we want as outcomes for the work. Fittingly the launch is at the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery Wednesday night. We welcome the investment in our future.