OSS Is a New Kind of Sausage Shop

OSS Is a New Kind of Sausage Shop
Tyler Soukup; the doner kebab with fries.

In Wisconsin, few things go better together than cheese, sausage and beer. So it’s fitting that a brewmaster and cheesemonger would open a place where sausage is king.

Tyler Soukup and his brother Chris own Baumgartner’s Cheese Shop and Tavern in Monroe. Opened in 1931, it’s the oldest cheese store in the state. But the duo thought Madison could use a legit sausage-centric restaurant.

OSS Madison—which can playfully stand for phrases like “old school sausage” or “Ohio State sucks”—opened in the heart of the last brutal winter. But it hasn’t taken long for city dwellers to warm up to the place. And even more customers are expected for the shop’s second cold season.

“What we’re hoping to develop here is that when you walk in here, it feels like home,” says Soukup. “We get told that at Baumgartner’s a lot.”

That Green County charm is reflected in co-managers Josh Boll and Dustin Borneman’s way of running OSS. They’re two Baumgartner transplants who bring a more modern, fun and social savvy side to the table. 

“I am incessantly trying to put sausage in your feed,” jokes Boll.

You can feed on any of the specialty sausages, like the popular bánh mì, a Vietnamese pork sausage with pickled veggies, cilantro, fresh jalapeños and chili mayo. Or try an old-school Chicago dog or a vegan option.

Don’t miss the chance to order cheese curds—and don’t plan on sharing them.

“If you want to try out some unique food in a unique atmosphere, this is the perfect place for it,” says Soukup.

910 Regent St., 709-1000