Oshkosh couple delivers baby boy at police station

Oshkosh couple delivers baby boy at police station

A wrong turn ended up being the right one for an Oshkosh couple driving through a snowstorm to the hospital for the imminent birth of their second child.

After accidentally taking a turn down Washington Street, Nick Robarge decided to stop at the Oshkosh Police Department instead of continuing toward the hospital.

The officers made his wife, Libby, comfortable and called first responders within the fire department. The paramedics decided to deliver the baby at the station because Libby Robarge’s water had already broken.

Nick Robarge says their healthy baby boy, Isaac, was born less than 15 minutes after he and his wife arrived at the station.

Oshkosh Northwestern Media reports the couple is grateful for the help they received during the Nov. 24 birth.