Organizers take feedback on new Rhythm and Booms location

Feedback mostly positive, organizers say
Organizers take feedback on new Rhythm and Booms location

Organizers of Rhythm and Booms are reviewing how well people received this year’s change in venue.

Madison Festivals said so far they received positive feedback from Saturday night’s fireworks show. Many of the comments revolved around the ease of traffic from the festival. While organizers are encouraged by the feedback, they said there’s always room from improvement next year.

“There’s always things to change, there’s always improvements to be made,” said Brodie Birkel|, Madison Festivals, Inc. “Nothing’s ever perfect, this was a very good success and we’ve made notes. It’s the day after and so, we’re kind of decompressing and figuring out what needs to change and how to make the event even better.”

Madison Festivals said there weren’t any reports of disturbances during the festival. Organizers are still tallying up the final number of participants and the money generated from the vendors.