Organization helps people with disabilities finish marathon

Organization helps people with disabilities finish marathon

Among the thousands of runners who participated in the Madison Marathon were a few dozen that stood for helping to push others across the finish line.

“My Team Triumph,” an athletic mentoring program, helped 12 people with disabilities reach a major milestone in their life by finishing a half or full marathon Saturday. Those people were paired with 68 runners, known as angels, who pushed their “captains” for miles and often helped them get out of their wheelchair to walk the final steps of the race.

Nick Anderson is one of those angels. He, along with friend A.J. and others, pushed their friend Halden Markusen for the full marathon.

“Every time we see [Halden,] he does nothing but talk about this race and the blue medal he’s going to get today,” Anderson said.

This is Anderson’s 8th time taking on the Madison Marathon, but he says other experiences don’t compare to the one he has when running with Halden.

“I do this for this guy,” he says. “He’s so real, he’s so genuine, you never have to wonder what Halden’s thinking. He’ll tell you just how it is, so anything you ever see with him, you know it’s real and genuine and it’s always beautiful.”

This is Anderson’s second year with “My Team Triumph.” The organization and its angels participating Saturday helped raised $12,000 for their cause.

He and the other angels participating today helped raised $12,000 for the cause.