Oregon students’ photos featured on inappropriate site

OREGON, Wis. — It’s been a difficult three months for a group of young women attending Oregon High School.

In September, they reported an inappropriate website featuring their social media photos with disturbing captions. Today, the site is still active.

Alana Friedrich, a junior at the school, was alerted to the website back in August through a text from an anonymous number.

“I was like ‘Oh,’ and I opened it up and I saw pictures of me, pictures of other girls,” said Friedrich. “It was kind of terrible to see.”

Friedrich said that after she reported the site in September, she followed up with district officials in November, frustrated that after two months, the photos of her and other students were still up on the site.

“It’s kind of, you know, disappointing that we had to go to the school and ask twice and then more pictures were being put up all throughout that time,” she said. “It was pretty urgent and pretty frightening for all of us.”

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District superintendent Leslie Bergstrom said the district told the Oregon Police Department about the site right away. The Wisconsin Department of Justice is also involved.

 “They have the expertise in a way that school personnel simply does not,” she said.

Oregon Police Chief Jen Pagenkopf told News 3 Now the case is an active investigation so she couldn’t comment.

Bergstrom told parents in a letter late last week police haven’t said who made the site, or whether it was an Oregon student or not. Currently, Bergstrom’s focus is on the well-being of her students.

“We can’t control how long it takes, or even every aspect of the investigation,” she said. “What we can control is what we do for those students at school.”

Meanwhile, Friedrich feels strongly about seeing the site taken down, the district improving its communication, and letting other victims know it’s important to come forward.

“Obviously it’s going to be uncomfortable, but you’ve got to look for support where you can, and you’ve got to make sure you’re standing up for yourself,” she said.