Oregon High School principal asks students to refrain from adding messages on racially offensive posts

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Oregon High School Principal, Jim Pliner, sent an email to all OHS students and families Thursday after the school became aware of a social media exchange with racially offensive posts and reported threats.

In the email, Pliner asked all student to refrain from “adding further exchanges to this situation, as it may complicate this matter, prolong our investigation and result in school consequences.”

The school is investigating these posts and reported them to the Oregon Police Department, the email said. Police determined there wasn’t a risk to school safety.

But students continued to add to the thread, and as a result Pliner said it’s become disruptive to the school’s community.

Pilner said in the email the school will continue to investigate the posts. They will also determine if any of the posts by student violates the school district’s policies, including the hate speech policy, the email said.

“While the District is not allowed by law to publicly share specific consequences that result from violations of policy, we are committed to a safe and healthy learning environment for our students, and will take all appropriate action,” Pilner said in the email. “Thank you for partnering with us in helping cultivate and maintain a healthy learning environment for all.”